These are your Elected Leadership & Consultants

Michael Chockchock
Chairman / Community Leader

Michael keeps his eyes on the larger picture of what is happening among the Nuer people domestically in the US in every major concentration of Nuer community members and tries to assess their needs and respond appropriately. He looks after the forming of meetings and keeps his committee members informed and at work to accomplish all of the duties of the Chairman and Community Leader.

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Wal Makuach
General Secretary

Wal acts and interacts with making sure all of the information gets delivered to all members of the Nuer community. He works tirelessly to maintain relationships and tries to keep up with the data from all Nuer people domestically in the US, back home, and in every country around the world. He works with Les LaMotte to coordinate all design and web site changes and additions.

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Tut Gatkuoth
Vice Chairman

Tut keeps his eyes on the larger picture and backs up all of the issues that the Chairman has put into motion supporting his efforts to achieve them for the Nuer community members. He assists in meetings and keeps committee members in contact and informed of their responsibilities and duties they have been assigned. 

Stephen Chambang
Advisor for Mobilization and Resources 

Stephen has been working for the Nuer people since he arrived in the US. He is from Maker and his mother and sisters live in Matar. Stephen is very active in his own Non-Profit East African Community Development (EastAfricanComDev.org) which is primarily focused on South Sudanese Refugees in Gambella Ethiopia and in South Sudan. His years of mobilizing Nuer people here in the US and back home gives him his well deserved status.

Les LaMotte
Imagineer, Facilitator, Consultant & Web Designer

Les has designed logos and marketing plans for many corporations including his own for 14 years. Les has designed and held 5 US and International patents on display products and marketed them in over 35 countries worldwide with revenues of $14 million which included Fortune 100 corporations as well as countless mission organizations and startups. Les is well traveled worldwide including Ethiopia and South Sudan to Maker in 2009 and was asked to come to Malakal in 2010, where he created Mapping & Urban Planning of roads and major buildings and utilities.  Les has unofficially served the Nuer community since 9/11 along with Stephen Chambang now over 20 years of dedicated service to the Nuer peoples.  See his book which includes his Nuer Story:  www.LesLaMotte.com