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NCDS Membership Registration

To register, please contact your NCDS State leader. If you don't see your state or state leader on the list below, please contact State Coordinators, Both Wiyual Dat @701-680-5452.

  • State of Iowa

Stephen Bol Kay

Phone: 817-840-8538

  • State of South Dakota

Elizabeth Chagor Malual

Phone: 605-400-0630

  • State of Nebraska

Tuak Daap Tony

Phone: 402-9176542

  • State of Minnesota

Mary Buk Kuon

Phone: 507-213-0256

  • State of California

Phillip Mok

Phone: 858-789-2399

  • State of Utah

Latjor Michael

Phone: 385-229-5829

  • State of Texas

Khan Puoch

Phone: 817-793-5539

  • State of Arizona

Bok Riek

Phone: 480-546-9210

  • State of Tennessee

Chol Wal Rombang

Phone: 615-208--0181

  • State of Alaska

Kuany Ter

Phone: 907-891-0407

NCDS Nuer Youths Membership is open to all Nuer sons and daughters in the United States. Youth is defined as those between the age of 18 & 30 years of age. If you fall under this category, please contact NCDS Youth Coordinator, Philip Ruachkuoth Deng @ 515-782-0370

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